Unravelling into an uncontrollable rupture.
— Kevin Rakestraw (Film Pulse)
As a slice of life straight from the glass that cuts us
— Ben Umstead (Twitchfilm)
Indisputably one of the new faces of independent film
— Craig Keller (Cinemasparagus)
Somewhere between Quebecois Pierre Perrault and John Cassavetes, (Dipso) is perhaps the greatest discovery of the festival.
— L 'Humanite
Particularly raw experience it feels honest, and thus it works on a level that defies the forced artifice of performance.
— Mark Bell (Film Threat)
Deep and timeless at the same time, full of humor, passion and charm.
— Toute le Culture
The performances in this film are so natural it’s like watching a documentary.
— Fandependent Films