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From the bucolic hinterlands of rural Massachusetts comes a disquieting new drama. "Tormenting the Hen” is a caustic satire of city mice in the world of country mice, where well-meaning cosmopolites clash with strange townsfolk in country homes, black-box theaters, backyards, and local pubs.

Invited by a dippy, well-meaning curator type (Josephine Decker), playwright Claire (Dameka Hayes) is spirited away to an artists’ retreat to present her latest work, a political one-act about race, resentment, and masculinity. Accompanied by her fiancé, Monica (Carolina Monnerat), the weekend begins in earnest as a welcome getaway for the harried pair, until an unexpected visit from town weirdo Mutty (Matt Shaw) casts a threatening pall on their romantic idyll.

While Claire plays babysitter to a duo of difficult performers – Joel (Brian H. Brooks) and Adam (David Malinsky) – Monica attempts to maintain her sanity despite her lover’s decreasing attentions and her neighbor’s increasing proximity. Each woman struggles to preserve her autonomy in an increasingly hostile milieu, building to a soul-shaking climax that offers no easy answers for character and viewer alike.

An allegory of sexual inequality.
— John DeFore (The Hollywood Reporter)
Everyday madness.
— Ray Pride (Newcity)
Thoughtful, artful, mesmerizing, suffocating.
— Peter Martin (Screen Anarchy)
Nerve Jangling freek out.
— Sean Burns (Boston Reel)
Mysterious and magnetic.
— Betsy Sherman (The Arts Fuse)
Amplifies dread in interesting ways.
— Leah Pickett (Chicago Reader)
Meticulously crafted.
— Don Simpson (Hammer to Nail)
A taunt thriller.
— Kevin Rakestraw (Film Pulse)