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Monica and Claire, a young couple from New York City, are invited by a Berkshire Massachusetts theater company to put on an award winning play at a seasonal festival. While enjoying the work and local community, Monica begins to feel harassed by Mutty, an affluent local enigma. Mutty is the land keeper of the cabin they’re staying at, originally a converted chicken coop. Monica increasingly feels threatened by Mutty’s lack of personal boundaries and becomes intensely angry and paranoid.

Inspired by psychologically suspenseful films like Knife in the Water and The Plumber, Tormenting the Hen is set to shoot in August 2015.

Mayor of Lapa

Mayor of Lapa was a finalist in the 2015 Creative Capital Grant. We are currently searching for financial support for this exciting documentary and photography project set in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.


Albatross is a poetic story about a young girl who is being raised by her hard working uncle.