brokenhorse films
Deep and timeless at the same time, full of humor, passion and charm.
— Toute le Culture

A slice of life straight from the glass that cuts us.
— Twitchfilm
Somewhere between Quebecois Pierre Perrault and John Cassavetes, is perhaps the greatest discovery of the festival.
— L'Humanite
Particularly raw experience, and the film has the naturalistic feel of a documentary tasked with capturing the life of those on screen.
— Film Threat
Stillness belies a seething rage.
— Berkshire Eagle
Is indisputably one of the new faces of independent film.
— Cinemasparagus

Festivals & Screenings:

27th EntreVues Belfort Festival du Film
Athens International Film & Video Film Festival

*Winner Best Film*

Videology - NYC
Zeitgeist Cinema - Theatrical Run
Beacon Freeze Frame Film Festival
Berkshire Museum - Theatrical Run