2016 - 11 minutes

A drunken holiday party unravels into a personal documentary about the filmmaker’s family, and, specifically, his relationship with his step-father. Shot a decade ago but recently found, Truth with Wine remains a timeless testament of family.
— Fandor


2016 - 12 minutes


FILM PULSE: "A Year in Shorts"


In Neorealist terms; a bittersweet mini-chronicle of a young girl being raised by her uncle interjected with the fleeting arrival of her biological father.
— Kevin Rakestraw, Film Pulse
If more films could achieve this level of realism in their characters I think the movie industry as a whole would be much better off
— Film Fevor


Theodore Collatos - Writer, Director, Cinematographer, Editor

Matt Grady - Additional Editing

Ben Umstead - Co-Producer

Carolina Monnerat - Co-Producer

Jorge Torres-Torres - Thanks


Matt Shaw

Casedy Shaw




2015 - 7 minutes

Fandor, Filmmaker Magazine, Short of the Week, MUBI, Twitchfilm, Film Shortage, Northside Film Festival, Nitehawk Short Film Festival

The film focuses on the camaraderie and support that can be cultivated under such devastating circumstances. The results are charming, somber and all too human.
— Twitchfilm
Strangely compelling.
— Katie Metcalfe (Short of the Week)
That truth he can cull or divine before his camera and mic.
— MUBI The Notebook


Adam and Joel

2014 - 14 minutes

Best film of the year.
— Craig Keller
Refreshing for its candor and lack of self-consciousness.
— Kentucker Audley (NoBudge)


Berlin Day to Night

2013 - 11 minutes

Van Gogh Award for Excellence in Cinematography Amsterdam Film Festival, Nitehawk Short Film Festival

A cacophony of events, sometimes violent, sometimes meditative, always confrontational.
— Twitchfilm
Berlin hovers on the American and English and French consciousness. A fantasy in the double-sense of the verb, Berlin all historical upheaval incarnate.
— Craig Keller